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Hello, and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Cliff and I'm a photographer/writer working for a humanitarian organization that travels to different countries.  I love telling and hearing stories, so this here's a conduit to spread the word of stuff that's going on around our globe through the eyes (and lens) of a Cliff.

The name Frogger Photogger comes from some childhood memories and my current profession; so chosen because every couple of months I find myself hopping to some other part of the world.  And yeah, it should be photographer, but it doesn't have the consonance as the deliberately misspelled, but understood, photogger.

For direct access to the image goodies, click on over to the Flick*r page:

If you're a mystery/suspense fan, click over to my weekly serial, The Hak Files:

And for a blog about favorite things, click over to the eponymously named, Cliff's Blog:

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